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Centers and the Smart Grid

Thursday, February 3, 2011 1:00 PM, Central Standard Time The emergence of the smart grid will have three substantial impacts on data centers. One will be the need for more data centers to support the massive amounts of information and data processing that the smart grid will engender for utilities, energy service providers, and marketers. […]


Putnam Investments

With more than 3500 employees and six computerized service centers in Massachusetts, London, and Tokyo, Putnam Investments has invested in emergency/backup power systems for all its facilities to assure continuity of service to its customers.


Bassett Healthcare

Healthcare Network Offers Glimpse of the Future of Backup Power Bassett Healthcare, based in Cooperstown, New York, is noteworthy not only for its top-quality patient care, but also for its self-sufficiency.  With more than 270 physicians on the payroll (an unusual closed-group practice), Bassett operates a teaching hospital, a research institute, and a network of […]


Selective Coordination White Paper

Recent changes to the National Electrical Code® (NEC) require the selective coordination of overcurrent protective devices at hospitals and other mission-critical facilities. Transfer switches with 30-cycle closing and withstand ratings dramatically simplify designing to that requirement.


Specifying Generator Control Switchgear

With daily advances in information technology and other processes and services, the world is becoming a more complicated and power-hungry place. Many industries and services have become increasingly more dependent on a continuous, uninterrupted supply of electric power. However, a continually shrinking electric generation margin reduces the reliability of utility-provided power.


Ensuring Data Center Reliability and Sustainability

Building Operating Management, March 2010 (Archived) In this 75-minute Webcast presented by Bill Kosik, energy and sustainability director for HP Critical Facilities Services, attendees will learn the fundamentals of ensuring a reliable, energy-efficient data center, including:  the latest on the Energy Star standard for data centers; a review of current benchmarks, including power usage effectiveness (PUE) […]



Russelectric® custom designs and manufactures power control and synchronizing switchgear systems in low and medium voltage ratings for single- and multi-unit on-site power generators. In addition to emergency power, system designs may include a variety of sophisticated control functions such as peak shaving, load curtailment, and utility paralleling for both open transition transfer and live-source closed transition transfer.



Because reliable electric power is required for proper operation of security equipment, the threat of terrorism makes any facility vulnerable to a loss of power. Russelectric® power control systems provide the emergency/backup power needed to keep critical security equipment up and running in the event of a loss of utility feed.


How Green Data Centers Cut Costs and Raise Reliability

Building Operating Management, March 2009 (Archived) A green data center can save money and the environment. This webcast will show you how the latest technologies and approaches can create a greener, energy-efficient, cost-effective data center without compromising reliability or performance objectives.  Topics include:   the emerging Energy Star standard for data centers; current benchmarks, including power usage effectiveness (PUE) and […]