Custom SCADA

Remote Monitoring of All Power System Functions

A Russelectric SCADA system allows the user to monitor system operation, acknowledge alarms, and review PLC setpoints and alarm history.  All screens are custom designed for each power control system, providing the most realistic, accurate display possible.



The basic SCADA system includes a dynamic one-line display with changing color codes to indicate real-time power switching device status and power source connection to the loads.  Event logging, alarm locking, and help screens are also included.

Optional Enhancements for Added Functionality

Optional enhancements include highly detailed graphic displays of the physical arrangement of equipment, control panel close-ups, instrument displays indicating actual values, and the ability to initiate control functions.

An optional simulation system, based on SCADA system graphics, allows operator training off-line without affecting any operating system parameters.

Please click on the screen descriptions below to see examples.

  • SCADA-Flatscreen