Emergency Power Systems

System Features

  • Complete systems are custom designed and fully manufactured by Russelectric
  • All systems are UL listed
  • Incorporate a variety of sophisticated control functions such as peak shaving and load curtailment
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are used extensively for system control
  • Designed for maximum safety and operating simplicity
  • SCADA capable
  • Touchscreen control available
  • Alarm and failure system, including annunciation, automatically shuts down an engine generator if required.
  • Redundant PLCs ensure uninterrupted automatic system control — even if one fails.
  • System design allows manual start and synchronization of generator sets if automatic controls malfunction.
  • 15″ LCD HMI touchscreen displays, system one-line, alarms, setpoints, etc.
  • Optional load demand sensing determines the number of engine generators in operation based on the external load.

System Operation

  • Upon receipt of loss of normal power source signal from automatic transfer equipment, system automatically sends command to start engine generator.
  • The first generator set to reach pre-set voltage and frequency is connected to the bus by closing its circuit breaker.
  • System permits first priority loads to transfer to the connected engine generator set, while delaying the transfer of lower priority loads until additional generator capacity has been connected.
  • System manages random paralleling of remaining generator sets to the emergency bus through their individual synchronizers and circuit breakers.
  • System signals lower priority loads to transfer to the emergency power system as generator sets are added to the bus.
  • System manages the shedding of low priority loads if a generator set fails during emergency operation, thereby assuring continuous power to the high priority loads.
  • Upon receipt of signal from transfer equipment that it has retransferred to the normal source, system alerts generator sets to disconnect and shut down.

System Design and Construction