Peak Shaving Systems

System Features

  • All systems are UL listed
  • Selector switches for open/closed transition, automatic/manual paralleling of generator or utility sources, and automatic/manual retransfer to normal source provided
  • Active synchronization (when required)
  • Redundant PLC controls
  • Soft loading power transfer available

System Operation

Peak shaving power control systems offer power users a means to more effectively manage the cost of electric power.  These systems let power users take advantage of the relatively low cost of utility power during periods of off-peak demand and generate (a portion or all of) their own power during peak periods thereby avoiding high demand charges.

These systems function in much the same way as load curtailment systems, except decisions about when to drop off the grid and generate their own power are made by power customers, not by the utility.  These customer decisions are based on financial/cost considerations instead of utility considerations, such as supply and power stability.

Russelection power control systems are easily configured for peak shaving control schemes.  They can be designed for open-transition transfer, momentary closed-transition transfer, or longer transfer times using soft loading.

System Design and Construction