Control of all operational functions

Used exclusively on Russelectric’s RTS Series transfer and bypass/isolation switches, the RPTCS microprocessor automatic transfer control system controls all operations functions of the ATS.  Each RPTCS is programmed at the factory to control standard switch features as well as customer-specified options.

Controller design accommodates the addition of accessories.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface 

The RPTCS’s graphical control panel provides an operator with rapid access to relevant information and controls through intuitive sequences.  It also allows access to control settings and other available information.

Setup, alarm acknowledgment, and review of actual data are easily accomplished using the controller’s soft keys and color display.  The intuitive menu guides the user through controller setup and the entering of configuration data, including communications and timing set points, adjustable control parameters (interlocks, alarms, and security) and event logging.

The panel contains a 3.5″ (320x 240 pixel) backlit color LCD screen, and pushbutton keys for display and command functions.  Pushbuttons for ALARM RESET, TEST, CONTROL and INFO provide direct-acting control.  Several LED indicators show switch status.  Details are displayed on screen when the user navigates to the appropriate screen.

Located directly below the display screen, five soft keys are used to perform navigation and screen specific functions and to acknowledge pop-up windows.  Labels for these keys are context-sensitive and appear in grey boxes along the bottom of the LCD screen.

Fully Programmed at the Factory

All RPTCS Controls are fully programmed at the factory with default setpoints.

Changing Setpoints

Operators can easily review and alter these default setpoints (except for factory setpoints, which can only be modified by Russelectric personnel) within established limits through the controller graphical interface.

Configuration setpoints are categorized as follows:

  • ATS Configuration
  • CT-VT Configuration
  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Communications
  • RPTCS System (including Security)
  • Events
  • Event Counters


The RPTCS Control supports two communications interfaces:

  • Modbus RTY via RS485
  • Modbus TCP/IP via 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (optional)

And external communication port on the control’s faceplate allows fast, easy connection to a laptop.

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