Russelectric® RTS-30 Series Transfer Switches are UL labeled and listed for 30-cycle closing and withstand ratings based on testing per UL Standard 1008.  These switches dramatically simplify selective coordination of overcurrent/short circuit devices in emergency and backup power systems for healthcare and other mission critical facilities.

Capable of closing in on and withstanding 30 cycles of fault current, Russelectric RTS-30 Series Transfer Switches have the withstand capacity to allow downstream devices to clear a fault before upstream devices.  Consequently, they greatly simplify the engineering task of selective coordination mandated by the National Electrical Code for emergency and legally required standby systems.  RTS-30 & RTS-3 Series switches are available in single -and dual-operator versions in ratings from 100 to 4000 amps for either open -or closed-transition switching. 30 and 3-cycle-rated (RTS-30 & RTS-03) Series Bypass/Isolation Switches are also available in load-break bypass and no load-break bypass versions.  No other manufacturer offers such a comprehensive range of 30 and 3-cycle-rated switches.

Russelectric RTS Series switches come equipped with the new RPTCS — the industry’s most powerful, most versatile microprocessor-based transfer control system.