• Ultra-reliable, High Speed switching systems featuring
paralleling switchgear and automatic transfer switches
• Innovative engineering of custom solutions
• Unparalleled service & support

Power Control Systems for
Critical Facilities & Microgrids

Power Control Systems

Paralleling Switchgear • Automatic Transfer Switches • Bypass/Isolation Switches • Custom SCADA • Switchgear Training Simulators

Russelectric® A Siemens Business, manufactures high-integrity on-site power control systems to help ensure 100% uptime without disruptions or aberrations. We deliver engineered solutions to hospitals, data centers, airports, water treatment, renewable energy, DoD and other mission-critical facilities.

We are an engineering-driven company with full capabilities to customize systems to users’ needs and requirements such as space restrictions and integration into existing equipment. All of our products, including automatic transfer switches and switchgear training simulators, are designed and built in our vertically integrated plants located in Massachusetts and Oklahoma.

We provide comprehensive project support including:

  • Engineering Design Assistance
  • Manufacturing Flexibility
  • Unparalleled Field Service
  • Industry Leading Warranties

Our single-source approach includes design, build and integration and is supported by 24/7 factory-trained field service through the system’s life cycle; start-up and commissioning, warranty, preventive maintenance, and upgrades.

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    Trusted by the Largest Critical Facilities in the World

    Hospitals • Data Centers • Microgrids

    • Telecom • Banking • Airports • Water/Waste Water • Renewable Energy • Research Facilities • DoD

    For Critical Facilities,
    100% Uptime is Essential

    For most businesses, a loss of power is merely an inconvenience. But, for some businesses, survival depends on power. For these businesses, a loss of power would be disastrous, resulting in loss of life or a loss of property, data, or income so great that it could jeopardize the business’s very survival.

    These businesses go to staggering lengths to ensure 100% uptime, designing and building mission critical facilities to protect sensitive computer and telecommunications equipment from surges, spikes, brownouts, or other power quality problems that could corrupt data or destroy sensitive electronics. It is for mission-critical facilities such as these that Russelectric® builds the highest quality, most dependable emergency and standby power control systems.

    So, if your business could easily weather a loss of power, any power control system will do. But, if your business is such that a loss of power would be devastating, don’t settle for less than the best power control systems available anywhere…

    Russelectric® A Siemens Business, Power Control People You Can Rely On.

    Design and Construction Beyond the Codes

    National and local electrical codes require standby or emergency power systems where life, safety, and health considerations are involved.

    However, hardware that meets the minimum requirements of these codes does not necessarily assure the continuous uninterrupted supply of high-quality power required by the sophisticated electronics in today’s computer, communications, and other critical systems.

    Protecting system hardware is only a minor consideration compared with the need to protect processes and information. In a modern facility, safeguarding critical data requires the highest reliability power control systems available, backed by singlesource responsibility and ongoing technical support.

    Russelectric is the supplier of choice for such high-integrity power control and protection systems among leading Fortune 1000 companies

    Engineering Every System for Reliability and Performance

    Russelectric has the highest ratio of engineers to total employees of any manufacturer of power control and protection equipment. The design and manufacture of every Russelectric system is supervised by an experienced engineer who serves as a team leader, managing and shepherding the project through engineering, assembly, testing, installation, and start-up.

    This unwavering focus on quality assures the customer of unmatched system reliability and superior engineering and technical support.

    Meticulous Care in Manufacturing & Testing

    To ensure the quality and reliability of its systems, Russelectric maintains two separate, yet totally integrated manufacturing facilities. Each facility has the capability to produce mechanical and electrical components; to fabricate, plate, and insulate bus; to complete all electronic assembly and packaging; to build and paint all enclosures; to machine and weld transfer switch components; and to completely wire,

    assemble, and test systems before shipment. For the user, this vertically integrated approach to manufacturing allows Russelectric to assume sole-source responsibility for system performance, to assure readily available spare parts, and to provide rapid response to any and all service needs.

    Responsive Service, Training, & Support

    Russelectric is committed to keeping its customers up and running with dependable, clean power. To this end, Russelectric maintains a large staff of highly trained, company employed service engineers.

    These engineers operate out of service centers throughout the United States and are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week. They have not only authorization, but a standing mandate from company management, to do whatever is required to keep Russelectric systems up and running.

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