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5 Key Perspectives in Data Center Energy Savings

Building Operating Management, May 2013 — This event will provide the following learning objectives: Understand the primary sources of energy consumption in a data center Review the role of IT equipment in heat generation Learn about air and water economization options Discuss the benefits of commissioning for optimal data center operations Sign up for this […]


Critical Power – Standby Power for Mission Critical Facilities

Consulting-Specifying Engineer, May 2013 (Archived) — Mission critical standby systems provide power to critical operations power systems (COPS) for public safety, national security, or business continuity reasons. Electrical equipment and wiring that serve these designated critical operation areas must remain operational during a natural or man-made disaster. The National Electrical Code (NEC) describes the engineering […]


Critical Power – What’s New in Electrical Engineering: Smart Grid and Transformers

Consulting-Specifying Engineer, November 2012 (Archived) — The continually evolving Smart Grid is becoming an automated, widely distributed power delivery network characterized by a two-way flow of electricity and information. As the Smart Grid grows, new technologies emerge that enable concepts to become reality. However, transformers are one of the Smart Grid’s weak spots because few […]


Boosting Data Center Efficiency

Building Operating Management, May 2012 (Archived) — Data center energy efficiency is a critical issue for facility managers today. With energy consumption sky high, and with some data centers facing energy cost increases due to looming deregulation, top management is looking to facility managers to find ways to rein in data center energy use. What’s […]


Making Data Centers Green and Reliable

Building Operating Management, April 2011 (Archived) — This webcast provides not only an overview of the necessary considerations in developing high-availability– and green — facility infrastructures, but also addresses the role of short- and long-term sustainability planning and its impact upon data center financial liabilities. Learn about emerging trends, options and alternatives in data center […]

Centers and the Smart Grid

Thursday, February 3, 2011 1:00 PM, Central Standard Time The emergence of the smart grid will have three substantial impacts on data centers. One will be the need for more data centers to support the massive amounts of information and data processing that the smart grid will engender for utilities, energy service providers, and marketers. […]


Putnam Investments

With more than 3500 employees and six computerized service centers in Massachusetts, London, and Tokyo, Putnam Investments has invested in emergency/backup power systems for all its facilities to assure continuity of service to its customers.


Bassett Healthcare

Healthcare Network Offers Glimpse of the Future of Backup Power Bassett Healthcare, based in Cooperstown, New York, is noteworthy not only for its top-quality patient care, but also for its self-sufficiency.  With more than 270 physicians on the payroll (an unusual closed-group practice), Bassett operates a teaching hospital, a research institute, and a network of […]


Selective Coordination White Paper

Recent changes to the National Electrical Code® (NEC) require the selective coordination of overcurrent protective devices at hospitals and other mission-critical facilities. Transfer switches with 30-cycle closing and withstand ratings dramatically simplify designing to that requirement.