UL Tested, Listed, and Labeled Medium-Voltage Automatic Transfer Switches

Russelectric was the industry leader in obtaining UL listing for its medium- voltage transfer switchgear. All Russelectric RTS Series circuit breaker automatic transfer switches have been fully UL tested, listed, and labeled under UL 1008 A. In addition, all Russelectric medium-voltage transfer switchgear (operating above 600 volts and below 15 kV) is listed per UL category “Circuit Breakers and Metal-Clad Switchgear – Over 600 Volts (DLAH)”. It is also designed, manufactured, and tested to meet or exceed stringent IEEE, NEMA, and ANSI standards.

Russelectric RTS Series medium- voltage ATSs are rugged, high-speed switching devices designed to transfer electrical loads from a normal power source to an emergency power source upon reduction or loss of voltage and to retransfer loads when normal power is restored.

Supervised by the advanced RPTCS microprocessor control, Russelectric Medium-Voltage Circuit Breaker Automatic Transfer Switches direct the flow of electric power through the carefully timed opening/closing of circuit breakers.

Designed, for Maximum Safety and Operating Simplicity

Switches are designed to provide maximum protection for operators and maintenance personnel and to minimize the danger of operator error. Drawout modules, metal-clad construction, segregation of controls from power elements, and separately accessible grounded compartments are all part of Russelectric’s design safety philosophy.

All switches are designed for unattended automatic operation, but include controls for manual operation. Designs provide accessibility for maintenance, trouble- shooting, and component replacement.

All switches are factory tested for functionality prior to shipment. Interconnect wiring diagrams enable proper interfacing of switches with the prime mover and other equipment.


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Switchgear Simulators

  • Highly sophisticated tools that are custom-built to replicate the on-site system automation and graphics
  • Invaluable tools for training operators how to respond in a safe manner to various failure scenarios including; utility source, engine generator, and circuit breaker failures as well as other potentially damaging system events“The Russelectric simulator is a complete game-changer. Within the first five minutes of using the simulator it became clear that it must become the basis for training as well as a mandatory step in the development of Methods of Procedures for taking any action at our critical facilities. The simulator revealed a potential business – disrupting fault in our operations at a major data center before we even brought it home from Russelectric. It is our new standard.”Project Engineer, Major Telecom

    Operating Real Equipment vs. Training with a Simulator

    Since site engineers seldom get the opportunity to operate equipment under live load, training typically consists of reviewing manuals. Russelectric Switchgear Simulators let engineers practice operating virtual equipment, giving them the confidence they need to operate real equipment properly when the time comes.

    Develop/Validate Site Operating and Emergency Procedures

  • Simulators allow engineers to pretest new Method of Procedure documents, and practice responding to failures
  • By allowing personnel to run an almost limitless number of failure scenarios, Russelectric Training Simulators are also a powerful tool for developing and validating site operating and emergency procedures without interfering with the operation of the actual system
  • Facilitates Future Switchgear Upgrades by Validating Modified PLC Logic Offline
  • Whenever the switchgear is upgraded, the simulator can be used to thoroughly test the modified PLC and operator interface panel (OIP) logic before downloading it to the online PLC system, dramatically reducing live system testing time
  • Reduce wear on generators and circuit breakers
  • Conserve diesel fuel and reduce pollution by limiting engine runtime

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For most businesses, a loss of power is merely an inconvenience. But, for some businesses, survival depends on power. For these businesses, a loss of power would be disastrous, resulting in loss of life or a loss of property, data, or income so great that it could jeopardize the business’s very survival.

These businesses go to staggering lengths to ensure 100% uptime, designing and building mission- critical facilities to protect sensitive computer and telecommunications equipment from surges, spikes, brownouts, or other power quality problems that could corrupt data or destroy sensitive electronics.

It is for mission-critical facilities such as these that Russelectric builds the highest quality, most dependable emergency and standby power control systems.

So, if your business could easily weather a loss of power, any power control system will do. But, if your business is such that a loss of power would be devastating, don’t settle for less than the best power control systems available anywhere… Russelectric, Power Control People You Can Rely On.

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Control of all operational functions

Used exclusively on Russelectric’s RTS Series transfer and bypass/isolation switches, the RPTCS microprocessor automatic transfer control system controls all operations functions of the ATS.  Each RPTCS is programmed at the factory to control standard switch features as well as customer-specified options.

Controller design accommodates the addition of accessories.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface 

The RPTCS’s graphical control panel provides an operator with rapid access to relevant information and controls through intuitive sequences.  It also allows access to control settings and other available information.

Setup, alarm acknowledgment, and review of actual data are easily accomplished using the controller’s soft keys and color display.  The intuitive menu guides the user through controller setup and the entering of configuration data, including communications and timing set points, adjustable control parameters (interlocks, alarms, and security) and event logging.

The panel contains a 3.5″ (320x 240 pixel) backlit color LCD screen, and pushbutton keys for display and command functions.  Pushbuttons for ALARM RESET, TEST, CONTROL and INFO provide direct-acting control.  Several LED indicators show switch status.  Details are displayed on screen when the user navigates to the appropriate screen.

Located directly below the display screen, five soft keys are used to perform navigation and screen specific functions and to acknowledge pop-up windows.  Labels for these keys are context-sensitive and appear in grey boxes along the bottom of the LCD screen.

Fully Programmed at the Factory

All RPTCS Controls are fully programmed at the factory with default setpoints.

Changing Setpoints

Operators can easily review and alter these default setpoints (except for factory setpoints, which can only be modified by Russelectric personnel) within established limits through the controller graphical interface.

Configuration setpoints are categorized as follows:

  • ATS Configuration
  • CT-VT Configuration
  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Communications
  • RPTCS System (including Security)
  • Events
  • Event Counters


The RPTCS Control supports two communications interfaces:

  • Modbus RTY via RS485
  • Modbus TCP/IP via 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (optional)

And external communication port on the control’s faceplate allows fast, easy connection to a laptop.

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