Long Before Microgrids were Called Microgrids:

The Russelectric Story

Edmund Malley, Russelectric vice president, technology and innovation

You might say the world’s just catching up to Russelectric. Long before microgrids were called microgrids, the Massachusetts-based company offered the technology.

“We have been building microgrid and distributed energy controllers and systems for 50-60 years, they just weren’t calling them that,” said John Stark, Russelectric’s marketing communications supervisor. “The words distributed energy and microgrids have only come into common usage in the last 10 years or so. We didn’t use those words to describe these projects, but we essentially built systems with the same functionality and the same capabilities.”

The only real difference now is the addition of solar and energy storage, “and for us those are just additional power sources and another asset that needs control,” he said.

Today, Russelectric demonstrates its mastery over the contemporary microgrid at its corp…