Russelectric® custom designs and manufactures power control and synchronizing switchgear systems in low and medium voltage ratings for single- and multi-unit on-site power generators.  In addition to emergency power, system designs may include a variety of sophisticated control functions such as peak shaving, load curtailment, and utility paralleling for both open transition transfer and live-source closed transition transfer.  Closed transition transfer allows retransfer and system testing without disturbing the load.  Prime power/cogeneration systems are also available.

Systems include PLC controls for automatic prime mover starting and stopping, prime mover status and alarm annunciation, synchronizing, and priority load control.  Other features, such as load demand control for fuel management, are available.  Systems include sensors to monitor volts, amps, watts, frequency, and other pertinent electrical power data of individual generator sets and the overall system.  Controls can be furnished for any type of prime mover, including diesel engines and gas, steam, or hydro turbines.  Custom system integrating SCADA and simulation are also available as options. 

All systems are UL listed and are designed and built in accordance with ANSI, IEEE, and NEMA standards.