Switchgear Simulators

  • Highly sophisticated tools that are custom-built to replicate the on-site system automation and graphics
  • Invaluable tools for training operators how to respond in a safe manner to various failure scenarios including; utility source, engine generator, and circuit breaker failures as well as other potentially damaging system events“The Russelectric simulator is a complete game-changer. Within the first five minutes of using the simulator it became clear that it must become the basis for training as well as a mandatory step in the development of Methods of Procedures for taking any action at our critical facilities. The simulator revealed a potential business – disrupting fault in our operations at a major data center before we even brought it home from Russelectric. It is our new standard.”Project Engineer, Major Telecom

    Operating Real Equipment vs. Training with a Simulator

    Since site engineers seldom get the opportunity to operate equipment under live load, training typically consists of reviewing manuals. Russelectric Switchgear Simulators let engineers practice operating virtual equipment, giving them the confidence they need to operate real equipment properly when the time comes.

    Develop/Validate Site Operating and Emergency Procedures

  • Simulators allow engineers to pretest new Method of Procedure documents, and practice responding to failures
  • By allowing personnel to run an almost limitless number of failure scenarios, Russelectric Training Simulators are also a powerful tool for developing and validating site operating and emergency procedures without interfering with the operation of the actual system
  • Facilitates Future Switchgear Upgrades by Validating Modified PLC Logic Offline
  • Whenever the switchgear is upgraded, the simulator can be used to thoroughly test the modified PLC and operator interface panel (OIP) logic before downloading it to the online PLC system, dramatically reducing live system testing time
  • Reduce wear on generators and circuit breakers
  • Conserve diesel fuel and reduce pollution by limiting engine runtime

For more information and for the rest of this Brochure, please download our Brochure. Click HERE. to access it.

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